24 Oct 2018

With space playing an integral role in metropolitan cities it is important to find ways to decorate your space without creating clutter. This article will highlight 5
unique Home décor ideas to decorate the walls of your House and turn it into a beautiful Home!

Hang Potted Wall Plants

Wall-mounted planters are a great greenery solution for the plant lover with little space. You can successfully create a sleek and space-savvy succulent garden above
your bed with just a handful of them.

Flashy Wall Hanging

Sometimes a fabulous piece of wall décor is all you need to bring character and visual interest to a room. Find a flashy wall hanging and enhance the colour and
texture to an otherwise empty wall.

Statement Ceilings

Although this post is about wall décor it is important not to forget your ceiling and consider it an additional surface you can decorate. Generally overlooked but
still oozing with design potential, chandeliers are a splendid way to turn a ceiling into a room’s centrepiece.

String Light Magic

A couple sets of string LED lights can turn a blank wall into a magical scene in seconds. You can even use mini clothespins to hang up your favourite photos on your
string lights for a more customized lighting scheme.

Build a Gallery Wall

A salon-style art display, like the eclectic gallery wall, generally seen in lounges and cafes is a space-savvy way to bring some colour into your living room decor
and instantly livens up a white room without disturbing the rest of space.

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