Testimonials 2021-Delhi

Mandeep Arora, Director UBON

The experience at the Gifts World Expo has been phenomenal. We must congratulate the organiser Mr. Gaurav Juneja for taking this brave step of organizing an exhibition at the time when no one was sure if an exhibition can take place, the buyers will come or not, the size of course has been shredded but the value of the customers who are dropping are serious buyers. They are coming from institutions. We haven’t seen this type of massive response from the institutions and UBON expresses gratitude to the organizers for spreading the word so fast and making sure that no stone is unturned. All the three days were jam packed with a lot of enquiries, a lot of referrals, and we are expecting an action packed year ahead of us.

Sahil Chhabra, Director MODA

The one good thing that is happening to the industry after the pandemic is Gifts World Expo 2021. We were really waiting for an exhibition to happen where we can display our new innovations and I believe in this show. They are the only ones who can make this happen and you guys are back with a bang, with all the safety measures and the same footfall. Thank you so much for this platform.

Suneel Saxena, Business Head BALTRA

We are very happy to be here at the Gifts World Expo 2021. We have been participating for a long time. For this particular year, we have prepared ourselves. We have got a wide range of products to showcase to our customers, starting from non-stick cookware and we have got the latest product that is fry pan steel. It is an innovative product. Apart from this we have got a mixer, juicer, grinders, gas stoves, etc. Our experience has been really good because the people visiting this time are very meaningful customers. They are looking for something to buy, so definitely it is much more attractive for a company like us.

Neha Bisht, GM Ferns N Petals Pvt. Ltd.

We regularly participate at the Gifts World Expo, however, it could not happen for the last two years. But I am so glad that we could finally do it. MEX has done a fabulous job of ensuring all the Covid protocols to be followed, with the masks and the social distancing. I am really happy to see so many people around with businesses thriving and I really look forward to more such events in the future.

Vinay Gupta, Director GOCLICK

I am representing some brands like Nivea, Goblin, Pebble, and Tamta is my own brand. So we have launched some exciting products for Diwali this year. We have been participating in this expo for the last three years and it is great to witness such a great response. For this year we were doubtful about the customer response due to Covid but we are surprised to see really good customers. We came across local customers, and direct clients also. It is a great experience to be here. Thank You Gifts World Expo.

Arika Mahajan & Nikhil Poonacha, Founders Humanitive Retail Pvt. Ltd

We are a gifting company that merges with donations. We have partnered with non-profits and you can make donations to your favorite non-profits on behalf of your loved ones and give them a really meaningful gift. We are participating in this expo for the first time and we are really thrilled. We have got some really nice enquiries, some very genuine buyers and it's been a very nice event for us to get our brand out there and there will be a lot of brand awareness for sure. The teams made us very comfortable at the exhibition. We just want to thank the organizers for this show.

Alka Goyal, Co-Founder PLUCHI

We are exhibiting at the Gifts World Expo after a span of four years and I think every day at the expo has been really really good with the good footfall, a lot of enquiries which we will take back and work upon. I hope we can do some good business. The fair was really a tremendous one. Thank You.

Deepika Chopra, Director MIRDEEP- Raymond Corporate Distributor & Stockists

I am glad to be a part of the Gifts World Expo. We are representing the Raymond brand here and we are quite satisfied with the crowd that is visiting us, a really relevant crowd. 20% of the team are coming directly from the corporate. Big customers are coming over here, we have witnessed some of the big names at our stall. Brands from various sectors have also been here. We are very much satisfied with the response and the footfall. Thank You Gifts World Expo, we will be participating next year also.

Bhisham Bhateja, COO & Co-Founder The Man Company

I would like to thank MEX Exhibitions for organising the wonderful Gifts World Expo. I have been participating in this event for 4 years now. The kind of footfall that we are getting is nice, we are getting good leads and I hope we will do some good business here. The show is well organised, maintaining all the social distancing norms, all the arrangements are perfect. Thank you very much MEX Exhibitions.

Siddhartha Darda, Director Tistabene, Jaipur

We at Tistabene are exhibiting at the Gifts World Expo for the first time. We primarily are into three categories. One is artificial jewellery, the second one is textile industry; we are into shirt manufacturing as well as kurta manufacturing and the third one is home and decor. We are into trays, gift hampers, tissue holders, etc. We are doing this show for the first time and the response has been really really amazing despite the pandemic. The response as well as the organizing committee has been really good. We have seen a lot of individual queries as well as corporate enquiries. The show has been amazing. Thank You.