Sahil Lamba, Offline Sales Head - Lifelong Appliances

We are a DTC brand in the home & kitchen and lifestyle, sports and fitness categories. It feels great to participate in this Gifts Expo, we have been getting really good visibility and the visitors really appreciate our products. This is a great opportunity for all the brands to showcase their portfolio and encash this opportunity for their growth in the future. This show is magnanimous and offers a stern opportunity to reach out to a mass audience in an effective way.

Vikas Nahar, Founder - Happilo

We are thrilled to be a part of this event and thank you so much for MEX Exhibitions and their founding team; they have been able to pull off such an exciting event. I was able to see a lot of branding activities across Delhi NCR. Also, being the title sponsor for this event, this show has delivered a great result for us. It is India's biggest show in gifting, and we are really excited. The kind of arrangements and branding done in the entire pathway, along with the kind of communication built up for this event, is fantastic. I think entire India is converging here and this is the show to be in if you are in the gifting industry. We are proud to be the title sponsor here and look forward to being here, again and again, every year.

Ankit Bhateja - Head Of Institutional Sales - Bestseller India (Jack & Jones, Vero Moda, Only)

It is great to be here at Gifts Expo in Delhi. I think the organizers have done an amazing job. It's lovely to be here; the whole set-up and infra are flawless. We are looking forward to a lovely day. It is good no. of footfall around this place, a lot of corporates are roping in, not only from Delhi but a lot from Mumbai, Calcutta and I think the whole county is here to understand and experience. All the best to the whole team, MEX Exhibitions, who have been the exhibition's creator.

Bhisham Bhateja, COO | Co-Founder - The Man Company

We are into men grooming products; this gifts expo is a kind of a yearly ritual for us. We have been participating here for the last 5 - 6 years. This is an amazing experience, a lot of footfall and overall, we are getting good responses and hope to do good business with the customers we are meeting here and all the best to the team. Thank You.

Pranay Punjabi, Founder & CEO - Xech Technologies Pvt Ltd

Xech is a very unique consumer electronic brand that focuses on multi-functionality and throughout covid, we have been developing a lot of products for the last 2 - 3 years and this Expo is really exciting for us that we finally get to exhibit these products over here and show to all our customers and meet prospective buyers. So, the visitor's response has been excellent, we met many new clients and are excited to do business with them.

Gautam Kumar, Lead B2B & Strategic Alliances - Tupperware

This is our first time here at MEX and doing this exhibition. To tell you about the crowd, it was pretty good and the response was pretty good. The arrangement via MEX is pretty nice and we would like to thank them for this and the whole team. We, as a Tupperware team, are very happy. Thank you.

Ms Meghna Peer, Chief Marketing Officer - India and South Asia – Newell (Reynolds)

Newell brand is a huge organization with over 100+ brands in its kitty. We are here to talk about writing instruments and that is what we have brought to you on the table. The incredible response we see in this show is marvellous. I never expected that we would get this kind of footfall here. I am so hopeful for the September show in Bengaluru and I am really happy with how people are responding to our brands and looking at our products. Lovely to have associated with Gifts Expo. Thank you so much.

Bala Sarda, Founder and CEO - Vahdam India

We are super excited to be at the Gifts Expo, especially after the 2 years of covid. I think it's very encouraging to see the kind of footfall, the kind of active participation not only from exhibitors but from visitors all over India and perhaps the world, which I believe is also an indication of a successful gifting season coming up in the next few months. We would like to thank Gifts Expo for giving us this opportunity and we are hoping to do some good business, build new partnerships, take the brand forward, and, most importantly, be here next year as well.