Embracing Modern Gifting Aligning with the Era of Self-Care

The Corporate Gifting industry is undergoing a massive transformation. Gone are the days of generic mug and tacky juice boxes, today’s leading businesses are choosing well-being and personalised gifting as the main focus. Whether it is as promotional products, diwali gifting, excursion kits or international events like Women’s day, health, beauty and wellness gifts are taking over the industry. 

Especially after COVID-19, there has been a keen focus on mental health and well-being. This shift reflects a broader cultural trend. A recent study revealed a staggering statistic: 73% of global consumers are actively prioritising a healthier lifestyle. Corporate gifting is no longer just about showing appreciation; it’s about demonstrating that you understand and support the well-being of your employees, clients, and partners

Corporate Gifting

Why Choose Beauty, Health & Wellness Gifts?

Trending Toward Wellness:  People are increasingly seeking ways to prioritise their health and well-being. By offering such gifts, corporations align themselves with this trend.

Universal Appeal: Cosmetics and wellness products cater to a broad audience. From skincare essentials to luxurious bath sets, there’s something for everyone, regardless of gender or age.

Promotes Relaxation & Productivity: Gifting stress-relieving bath bombs or luxurious hand creams can encourage recipients to take a moment for themselves, leading to reduced stress and potentially increased productivity.

Brand Your Gift: Many companies offer customization options, allowing you to add your company logo or a personalised message to the packaging. This creates a lasting brand impression.

Leading Brands, Focusing on Corporate Gifting


Lakmé is a household name in India, synonymous with beauty and self-care. Lakmé was the country’s first cosmetic brand to introduce makeup to Indian women and takes pride in being the expert on Indian Beauty for over 50 years. They offer a wide range of Corporate gifting solutions. Here is what makes them stand out – 

  • Variety – Lakme has a catalog of products catering to various budgets and preferences.  From luxurious skincare sets featuring iconic Lakmé creams to trendy makeup palettes and travel-sized essentials, there’s something for everyone.
  • Trusted Brand Recognition: Lakme is a renowned brand throughout the nation and demonstrates a commitment to offering high-quality presents. 
  • Budget-Friendly Solutions: Lakme offers a variety of price points, making it easy to find thoughtful gifts that fit within your corporate gifting budget.

Ideal for Indian beauties, Lakme combines international cosmetic technology with a deep knowledge of current trends and needs to provide highest quality products that resonate with its brand.


The Body Shop is a brand that has become synonymous with bath and body wellness. A brand which is driving a positive change in the world with its ethically sourced and nature-based ingredients, in no-nonsense packaging you could easily refill. 

With the goal of providing products and ingredients for every person, skin type, and gender, they promote self esteem, smash taboos and celebrate equality. 

High-quality products made from sustainable and natural ingredients are the focal point for their brand. 

“Social and environmental dimensions are woven into the fabric of the company itself. They are neither first nor last among our objectives, but an ongoing part of everything we do.” – Dame Anita Roddick, FOUNDER OF THE BODY SHOP

The rising era of social awareness and the need for sustainability has made The Body Shop a leading supplier of bath and body products, specially for corporate gifting needs. 


“M·A·C cosmetics has established itself as the ultimate colour authority with artistry at our roots, inclusion and diversity at our core, and a commitment to conscious beauty and social responsibility at the top of our minds” 

MAC has established itself as a renowned brand in the massive gifting industry, known for its inclusivity, wide product range and high-performing formulations. 

They have continually upgraded and improved their products and formulations to fit current trends and increasing standards. In a time where people are more conscious than ever about the ingredients and quality of the products, MAC stands out as a brand that has been providing high quality and skin safe products from the start.

A brand which focuses to drive impact, promote acceptance and inspire change toward a better future, is an ideal fit for a corporate gift.

In the evolving landscape of Corporate gifting, cosmetics and wellness products stand out as thoughtful and impactful choices that resonate with a broad audience. These gifts not only offer a luxurious and indulgent experience but also promote the essential values of self-care, wellness, and environmental responsibility. Whether you’re aiming to strengthen relationships with clients, reward and motivate employees, or enhance your brand’s image through promotional campaigns, cosmetics and wellness gifts provide a versatile and meaningful solution.

Gifts World Expo offers a business platform for these and more brands to showcase their corporate gifting solutions and reach a wider audience through networking and connections.

Corporate Gifting

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