Subhaparna Basu, Deputy Manager - Havells

Over years this is a wonderful experience that we are having since yesterday that we are having since yesterday at gifts expo 2024 and the best part about is i got to showcase our entire rage for corporate gifting which has water heater, water purifier, fans, small domestic appliances, personal grooming as wel as from the building sector we have consumer lighting as well which is all displayed over here. So since we were talking about experience over here, so from Havells i guess we’ve got a great turnout over here we are getting leads that we did not apprehend we did not know that so much would come out of it out of these 2 days still one more day is left to go i can feel the energy in the you know in the entire feel that everybody is so pumped up and people from the entire eastern region in fact many people from delhi and bombay also have comedown since this is the very first time that this is happening in Kolkata, so i guess it’s a great place to showcase any brands products and that too you know such an exciting scenario over here that has been created by gift expo and the turn out is great so yeah that’s about.

Rajeev Kr. Mehta, Partner - Armee

Very good afternoon friends! To all the organizers who have come here from delhi, i first appreciate teh efforts that you’ve taken to make this program such a great success and it’s a pride and a very proud moment for us though Armee is quite popular here but you make us feel better, we putin lot of efforts in our lives to make this corporate world big but you made it the biggest today and i hope in times to come we are not going to prove you wrong we are going to tell the world that what gift ex has done for us. it’s going to be a good absolutely a sought of creativity in life of people in calcutta to promote promotional gifting corporate gifting and tell the world that look we are here in calcutta to give you the best services which they desired for and we are going to give you absolutely all the products on time and see to it that the printing and other facilities that we are providing with the stuff that we carry and the brand that we carry Armee we are sure with the help of gift ex we will become a brand in the times to come. So Thank You so much gift ex Thank you Gaurav ji and team so you’ve been biellent and you’ve been so nice your hospitality has been one of the finest and we hope to see you next year again please come back and we will be waiting for you. Thank you so much!

Pralay Bhusan Guha, Zonal Sales Manager-East & West Consumer Products - Borosil

Borosil is a renowned brand. There is a lot of trust among customers for Borosil, we can say that Borosil’s name is enough because every customer knows that it is a housewife gene brand actually. I am not saying this as a Borosil employee but it’s a practical experience that I am sharing. Many categories have been launched by Borosil. Many customers think that Borosil is a glassware brand but now its just not glassware, we have launched a lot of things like appliances, a huge success category steel hot and cold bottle  and we have stell steel also, we have launched pressure cooker and many more categories would be launched. Our open division lara is a huge success. We have a great market share in Bengal. We are growing very fast  because companies is putting a lot of money and effort. There must be a lot of B2B expo , they used to do the show is Delhi and Bombay and for the first time they did the show in Calcutta for corporate sale. It advantageous for both, the consumer and the brand.

Narayani Jha, Zonal Head-Corp. Marketing - Swiss Military

Hi as you are standing with the Swiss Military we are the number one partner is corporate gifting partner and it’s a 35 years old company and in india and in india its been almost 16 years and we are the preferred partner for all the corporate gifting, so far we have already served more than 8000 corporates with our lots of varieties and all that introduced which has been keep on adding in our portfolio as you can see there are the luggage segments which is one the main segment 70 percent of our segment is from the travel gear and then we have electronics and then we have the accessories and all these are travel related. One of our finest products which has just been launched over there is the bluetooth rainbow speaker and it has a 8w power speaker and it has a rainbow color which you can see over there. These are our imported segment which has been launched from the Korea into the serve indian market and gift expo has been very fruitful for us we have been getting a lots of clients especially the power networking from the nearby areas like Bhubaneswar and varanasi and all those assam and calcutta and jamshedpur and all that so we are hoping for the further future tie up with all those clients and to add our business accordingly. Thank you so much!

Testimonials 2023 - Bengaluru

Tarun Agrawal, Co-founder & CEO; Shivali Garg, Founder & Chairperson - Healthy Master

Healthy Master is a snack brand which aims to make India a country which is free of junk    food. We have lots of healthy snacks around 350 varieties. Our vision is no preservatives, no refined wheat flour, no fried snacks, only healthy stuff. As Healthy Master, we entered into corporate gifting based on the demands from our customers. They wanted a variety of hampers which were customized and personalized. We found that the existing hampers in the market were not up-to the mark. We have more than 150 gifting options available. When we came across the Gift World Expo, we attended their Delhi exhibition.We took the platinum partnership with Gifts World Expo and it really helped us. For the last three days, we have been getting good clients and our stall is doing well. I hope that we will get more clients in this exhibition. Our relations with Gift World Expo will be long lasting and hopefully we will become the title sponsor in the next edition.

Hitesh Advani, Manager - B2B Sales - Borosil Limited

This is our second participation for Borosil here and we are really enjoying it. Last year, apart from that, this year came with a bang. On Day 1 , the footfalls were excellent. We generated a lot of business last year and this time I think it will be tripled. We have seen a lot of enthusiasm in the people; the sort of clients Mex Exhibitions has pulled in for us; people from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, the north and other states have come here with enthusiasm and participated with us. We wish you all the best because the way your team has cooperated with us, it is good for us. We have got good visibility because of you. Thousands of people have visited us and hopefully the business reflects the same. So wish you all the best.

Aswani Gupta, President (Marketing) - Premier’s Tea

The purpose of being here was to cater to the corporate giftings and curated gifting of Bangalore and other parts of India. And what better way to start than the platform offered to us by Mex Exhibitions. These three days have passed by the wink of an eye. In the first three hours of the first day of the show, we closed  two deals, one was a saree company based in Chennai and the other was the Boston Consulting Group. Apart from that, for the last two days we have been receiving enormous responses and we have lots of prospects to follow up, once we return back to Kolkata. Again, in collaboration with Mex Exhibitions we will be back in February at the Kolkata edition of Gifts World Expo.

Ankit Bhateja, Head - Institutional Business - Bestseller (Vero Moda & Jacks n Jones)

We are very happy to be here at Gifts World Expo. This is an amazing platform which helps us reach out to more than 5000+ corporations. This platform helps us to meet 500+ re-sellers. In the same way, gifting is very essential to gratify somebody. Today we are proud that, with the help of these exhibitions, we have reached out to brands like Accenture, IBM, also partnering with Deloitte. This helps us to promote and let corporate India style well. At Jack & Jones we believe in styling people and amplifying their looks. Be it corporate, be it our retail stores, we have the same line. This space helps us to get the exhibition going. This exhibition helps us for sure. I look forward to more people to come here and partner with them. Thank you so much, Mex Exhibitions for creating such an amazing platform. I look forward to many more.

Testimonials 2023 - Delhi

Ms. Ghazal Alagh, Chief Mama & Co-founder - Mamaearth

We house brands like Mamaearth, Bblunt, Derma co and Aqualogica. It has been a great experience participating here; I think we have got some amazing leads. We are looking forward to having a very good time and very good business initiatives are coming up out of here. Thank you.

Mr. Naresh Devda, Partner - Trruu Global LLP

We are a distribution house distributing Happilo, Fuzo, Hummel, Doctor Towels, Ubon and Cococart. We are extremely happy to be a part of the Gifts World Expo. We have been exhibiting here for many years now and we love the work the team puts in terms of marketing, the footfall has been amazing this year around as well. It’s very nice to see the amount of exhibitors exhibiting this time at the expo and it has always been a great experience working with the team. We Trruu Global Brands as a company become a one stop shop for all these brands. We represent them to our dealers across the country and there is never better a place than Delhi, never better a platform  than Gifts World Expo and it’s always been a great experience working with them.

Mr. Mahaveer Mutha, Co-Founder - Mutha Impex

We have a brand called Weactive and this is our second year we are participating in the Gift World Expo. We’ve had some truly wonderful experiences here at this expo, marked by an incredible footfall. We eagerly anticipate welcoming everyone to join us and explore over 20,000 exceptional products. This expo is undoubtedly one of the largest events in India, drawing in more than 30,000 visitors. The positive response has been heartening, and we’re excited to express our interest in participating in future editions as well.

Ashish Kashyap, Regional Business Manager- Titan Company Limited

Titan has been into retail for the last 35 years. Talking about this expo, it’s the biggest expo of corporate gifting in India. We have been associated with it for a long time. This year it has become bigger and better, we can see that major associations have come up like a lot of stalls by gifting agencies as well as brands. There is a lot of footfall here.  We are looking at a very big festive season this year. Diwali is big for corporate gifting and we are generating good contacts, good networks, meeting a lot of old friends, old clients, and understanding about the competition, the industry. Very well managed I must say by the team of MEX and wishing everyone all the best.

Anuj Sawhney, Managing Director- Swiss Military

We are here at Gifts World Expo. It is a fantastic place to be in.  My experience with Gifts World Expo has been fantastic. This is the fourth time we are here. It’s a fantastic turnout this year. I think the number of participants has actually doubled from last year and the entire industry has come forward and come under one platform, under one roof. And it’s a great experience to be here. So best of luck, it’s great to be a part of the show and we wish you all the best.

Testimonials 2022 - Bengaluru

Somya Kaushik, Senior Brand Assistant, Reynold ( Newell Brands)

It has been a wonderful experience working with the Gifts Expo. It is the second exhibition we have had with them this year. And I am thrilled with the kind of response and awareness we are getting for the brand.

Rohit Mathur, Vice President, Institutional Sales, Luxor

Bengaluru is a very important city in corporate business for us and we wanted to participate here. We find Gifts World Expo as a very strong platform to promote our brand as well as connect with a large number of customers. We have been getting a very good response from corporate. We thank Gifts Expo for a beautiful, very well-managed exhibition and we accept a good relationship with them for the coming years from now on.

Nikhil Sodi, Director, Pyrrol

It is a lovely exhibition; I feel my privilege to be here. After coming here, I am able to expand my business and will be looking forward to this exhibition in the future as well. The products we showcase in the exhibition give us good output because of the footfall we are getting here.

Testimonials 2022 - Delhi

Vikas Nahar, Founder - Happilo

We are thrilled to be a part of this event and thank you so much for MEX Exhibitions and their founding team; they have been able to pull off such an exciting event. I was able to see a lot of branding activities across Delhi NCR. Also, being the title sponsor for this event, this show has delivered a great result for us. It is India’s biggest show in gifting, and we are really excited. The kind of arrangements and branding done in the entire pathway, along with the kind of communication built up for this event, is fantastic. I think entire India is converging here and this is the show to be in if you are in the gifting industry. We are proud to be the title sponsor here and look forward to being here, again and again, every year.

Shalini Beriwal, Founder - MAPP

I am a designer, coach, and consultant, and I teach & train people in the gift packaging industry. I consult many businesses to manage their products in the celebration industry. This is my first time in the B2B show. These 3 days have been magical here; we greatly appreciated our products. This has given my business a new life, another dimension, and I look forward to the next show. Thank you, Gifts Expo, for giving us such exposure and a boost to our business.

Sahil Lamba, Offline Sales Head - Lifelong Appliances

We are a DTC brand in the home & kitchen and lifestyle, sports and fitness categories. It feels great to participate in this Gifts Expo, we have been getting really good visibility and the visitors really appreciate our products. This is a great opportunity for all the brands to showcase their portfolio and encash this opportunity for their growth in the future. This show is magnanimous and offers a stern opportunity to reach out to a mass audience in an effective way.

Ankit Bhateja - Head Of Institutional Sales - Bestseller India (Jack & Jones, Vero Moda, Only)

It is great to be here at Gifts Expo in Delhi. I think the organizers have done an amazing job. It’s lovely to be here; the whole set-up and infra are flawless. We are looking forward to a lovely day. It is good no. of footfall around this place, a lot of corporates are roping in, not only from Delhi but a lot from Mumbai, Calcutta and I think the whole county is here to understand and experience. All the best to the whole team, MEX Exhibitions, who have been the exhibition’s creator.

Testimonials 2021 - Delhi

Suneel Saxena, Business Head BALTRA

We are very happy to be here at the Gifts World Expo 2021. We have been participating for a long time. For this particular year, we have prepared ourselves. We have got a wide range of products to showcase to our customers, starting from non-stick cookware and we have got the latest product that is fry pan steel. It is an innovative product. Apart from this we have got a mixer, juicer, grinders, gas stoves, etc. Our experience has been really good because the people visiting this time are very meaningful customers. They are looking for something to buy, so definitely it is much more attractive for a company like us.

Sahil Chhabra, Director MODA

The one good thing that is happening to the industry after the pandemic is Gifts World Expo 2021. We were really waiting for an exhibition to happen where we can display our new innovations and I believe in this show. They are the only ones who can make this happen and you guys are back with a bang, with all the safety measures and the same footfall. Thank you so much for this platform.

Mandeep Arora, Director UBON

The experience at the Gifts World Expo has been phenomenal. We must congratulate the organiser Mr. Gaurav Juneja for taking this brave step of organizing an exhibition at the time when no one was sure if an exhibition can take place, the buyers will come or not, the size of course has been shredded but the value of the customers who are dropping are serious buyers. They are coming from institutions. We haven’t seen this type of massive response from the institutions and UBON expresses gratitude to the organizers for spreading the word so fast and making sure that no stone is unturned. All the three days were jam packed with a lot of enquiries, a lot of referrals, and we are expecting an action packed year ahead of us.

Testimonials 2019

Shivam Dewan Asst Sales Manager Vahdam Teas

We are an Indian tea company and are exporting to 85 countries. The brand is global now as we have offices in US and UK, and last year, we got featured in ‘Oprah’s Favorite Things’. This is our first time at Gifts World Expo and the response has been great. We got pharma leads worth Rs 10 lakh. We are hoping to participate again next year.

Sahil Chhabra, Director - Moda

Gifts World Expo 2019 is truly amazing. I want to call this show a perfect show. I am desperately waiting for the Bengaluru edition.

Mandeep Arora Director, Ubon

The experience at Gifts World Expo has been awesome. The energy level is really high and a lot of people are coming from different parts of India. There is a free flow of information. We get to launch a lot of new products, we get to show our uniqueness, we learn from different entrepreneurs, we learn what other brands are doing and understand what buyers want from us. It is a very unique platform and we look forward to it throughout the year.

Testimonials 2018

Nikhil Dogra, Marketing Manager Apsom Infotex Ltd

It’s good to be back at this platform. Apsom Infotex has two brands under its name – one is Roland and the other is Colorjet. We have been participating regularly and the response has been great. It’s a perfect platform, especially for our B2B customers.

Amaresh Mishra, Lead-Pharma & FMCG Institutional Business, Raymond Ltd.

As you know Raymond is mostly into fabrics business, the corporate gifting started two years. For us, the participation in this exhibition is a step ahead to make our presence in the northern sector. We have seen very good footfall and people are appreciating our products.

Sahil Chhabra, Director, Modways Objet D’art Pvt. Ltd

Gifts World Expo is creating new standards for the industry every year in almost every aspect like bigger space, outdoor promotions and footfall. This is the reason why we choose this platform to launch our latest products as the title sponsor. Team MEX has done a wonderful job. Keep it up and many more to go.