The Art Of Promoting Businesses Through Corporate Gifting

The emergence of Corporate gifting is ticking the right boxes. In today’s business landscape, where everyone is striving to attain the top spot, compelling business strategies are what make your business stand out. Among the booming marketing tactics, Corporate gifting is one of the significant pillars of business operations. As per a report by Researchnxt, nearly 67% of survey participants allocate a set budget for Corporate gifts. Currently, about 38.5% of businesses have adopted Corporate gifting as a significant business strategy. Coresight Research shows an upward movement in the segment of Corporate and promotional gifting. It is expected to reach a $312 billion valuation by 2025.

Scroll down to comprehend how the gifting industry is set to take a larger pie in strategic communication in the near future.

Brand awareness

Corporate gifting is a key factor in driving growth and building connections. It is a way of raising brand awareness among the right set of audiences. Brand recognition is expected to be multifold with personalised presents with your company’s logo and name. Hence, if you are thinking of a robust strategy for promoting a brand, Corporate gifting is the trend to hop on.

Corporate Gifting

Strengthens Relationships

Behind every successful brand, there is a blueprint that fuels change. One of the notable factors citing growth is nurturing relationships with employees. Corporate gifting, no doubt, takes centre stage in maintaining robust connections. Personalised gifts are customer-centric and value the emotions of the recipient.

Celebrate Festival and Holiday Season

Festive season commemorates new beginnings. No business can make the cut without its employees. Hence, during festive celebrations, businesses are often seen rewarding their employees with personalised gifts and hampers. It is a way of appreciating their efforts and reinforcing your commitment to the team’s well-being.

Improves business-client relationship

As an entrepreneur, it is your responsibility to understand how businesses work and what strategies become the deal-breaker. Many times, customers switch service providers due to a lack of feeling appreciated. Corporate gifts instil a sense of belongingness and present your clients with a gesture that speaks volumes about their actions.

New Employee Induction Kit

Onboarding new employees with personalised gifts is a thoughtful way to make them feel included. Corporate gifting is a tangible way to express gratitude and applaud their worth. Rewarding employees with tailored gifts as per the recipient’s preferences builds emotional value. Employee and employer connection is a two-way street and hence needs to be cherished both ways.

Enhances Employee Engagement

Corporate gifting is intertwined with employee engagement. Put in other words, if you invest in your employees and make them feel comfortable, then as a result, they will feel compelled to bring the best output to the forefront. Corporate gifting is not just limited to tangible products but it is an emotion of compassion.

Corporate Gifting

Have an Eye For Latest Corporate Gifting Options:

Gourmet Hampers

Gourmet baskets are a premium gifting option. It generally comprises an assortment of premium artisanal foods, potentially featuring exotic fruits, high-quality cheese, and wine, alongside non-food items.

Stationery & Office Supplies

Stationery and office supplies are among the trendy gifting options. The rise in corporate culture has manifold the demand for high-class stationery and office essentials. This is a transformative way to boost employees’ productivity and morale for better output.

Home Decor

Personalisation in Corporate gifting is the new normal. Although gifting home decor is deemed unprofessional by some, it is said to cultivate a strong relationship within the hierarchy. Some of the amazing home decor gift suggestions include bamboo planters, art pieces, handcrafted decor pieces, and furnishings.

Beauty Health & Wellness Gifts

Beauty and health kits are surging in demand with more people prioritising their skincare and wellness needs. Some of the latest Corporate gifts include healthy food hampers, gym memberships, essential oils, and aroma diffusers.

Electronic Gadgets & Home Appliances

Without a doubt, electronic gadgets and home appliances are a go-to choice among clients and offices. One of the main reasons electronic gadgets are rising in demand is their versatility. From smartphones and tablets to smartwatches, a range of tech products can fit your employees’ needs and the company’s budget.

Summing It Up!

Undeniably, India is witnessing a surge in the business sector. Hence, it is imperative to understand the market dynamics and launch initiatives for growth trajectory. Corporate gifting is one of the powerful moves, contributing to the success of an organisation. And businesses are making the most of it to build connections and maintain a strong repute in the market. To be noted, Corporate gifting along with personalisation is a noteworthy opportunity for emerging as well as established businesses. The rising trend of personalised gifts does not seem to be fading any time soon. Understanding the needs of employees and clients keeps your company ahead of the curve. The gifting industry is holding a considerable position in the market with Corporate gifting, recording $312 billion by 2025. Hence, it is imperative to understand the changing dynamics of the business space.


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